Bridging the Naf documents the reciprocal conversation between two collectives of female photographers, Thuma Collective from Myanmar and Kaali Collective from Bangladesh.  Both collectives came together in Yangon in 2019 to explore notions of identity, respect, hope, conflict, and resolution through storytelling and photography, a collaboration which culminated in the photo book Bridging the Naf, the river connecting Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Bridging the Naf consists of 6 handmade zines and a separate Foreword page placed in one handmade box.

Haunted Capital by Rajoyana Chowdhury


Soulless City by Rita Khin

Orchestrated Culture by Aungmakhai Chak

Thunder Little Birds by Shwe War Phoo

Memoir by Juthika Dewry

Undertakings by Khin Kyi Htet

Metamorphose by Farhana Satu


Sun, Moon and River by Shwe Wutt Hmon


The Conversation by Farzana Hossen  and Tin Htet Paing

The Conversation by Farzana Hossen  and Tin Htet Paing

Headache by Sadia Marium

Nothing is Better Than Something by Yu Yu Myint Than

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